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April 2018
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Feng Shui: Creating a Space of Good Energy

Feng shui has proven to be more than just a passing design fad. For many, it’s become an integral way of living. Literally translated, feng shui means wind and water, but in practice, it’s the design and placement within an environment that allows energy to flow through personal (or professional) space. Our living spaces, many experts say, are a reflection of what’s happening inside us.

Creating good energy actually begins outside the home. Open flow cultivates the movement of good energy so large hedges or porch clutter should not obstruct the front door. A large tree obscuring the view from the entryway can also inhibit energy.

Inside the home, energy is channeled through the front door, and through every room of the home, thus it’s vital to keep spaces clear, open and inviting. Doors facing each other (the back door is visible from the front) can create a harsh energy while a staircase directly in front of the door disrupts the harmonious flow. These are two factors to consider during any potential renovation.

Furniture should also be considered. Large chairs or couches should not block the space when entering a room. Smaller furnishings, an end table with flowers or greenery, on the other hand, can redirect and improve energy. Benign décor, such as a mirror, facing the front door, actually pushes the energy back out.

Positive energy and feng shui in the kitchen can boost health and nutrition. If possible, the kitchen should be located toward the back of the house, but if that’s not possible, there are still ways to invite good energy into what is essentially the heart of the home. Kitchens can be easily cluttered, so be sure to keep it clear, neat and calm.

In the bedroom, feng shui promotes a nourishing and sensual energy. As with any room, it should be inviting and comfortable. Forego bringing a television or exercise equipment into the room and focus on air quality, light and calming colors.

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