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March 2018
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Top Do-It-Yourself Projects

Home improvement season will soon be upon us, and while it’s often wise to enlist the expertise of a contractor or trade professional, there are still some projects you can tackle on your own. Many hardware shops and chain stores even offer workshops and classes to help guide valued customers. And if you find yourself in a pinch, there’s always YouTube. Some of the top projects among do-it-yourselfers include:


From laminates to tile, redoing the floors creates a significant impact on the look of a home. It’s also a project that with an extra set of hands or two, can be completed in a weekend.


Kitchens get the most attention when it comes to cabinets, but replacing or refinishing them can freshen up an entire space, whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or garage. Try a faux finish, new hardware, or glass doors for big impact.


It may seem daunting, but replacing faucets and toilets is a fairly straightforward task. Remember always to turn off the water first and read all instructions and prepare necessary materials ahead of time.

Stairs and Decks

While a bit more labor intensive, many homeowners take these on because they can usually be done over a longer period of time with little hindrance on day-to-day life. They also (generally) don’t include the need for plumbing or electricity.

Decorative Features

Fire pits, small fishponds, and garden beds are refreshing features, and while not necessary to daily life, make spending time outdoors a bit more enjoyable.

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